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31 12 / 2015

On the tuition grid, what’s this about non-resident eligible for a waiver?


US Citizens, US Nationals and US Permanent Residents who are not eligible for resident tuition are eligible for a waiver.  If your record is accurate and you are eligible, you do not need to do anything.  This discount (waiver) is automatically applied.  You might think of it as similar to what is commonly referred to

3 06 / 2015

I am new and I do not know where to start. What should I do?


First of all, welcome! We are here to assist you and will do our best to answer your questions. If you have reviewed these pages (Apply/Next Steps) and still have questions, we encourage you to email admissions@highline.edu.

1 06 / 2015

How do I remove a block from my record?


If you get a message about a block, log in to myHighline and you will find a detailed explanation of what is going on and how to resolve it.

1 06 / 2015

Where do I go for placement?


Building 1 (East Entrance). For more information about placement options, visit the Placement and Testing Center.

1 06 / 2015

How do I get started with ESL?


If English is not your first language, Highline College can help you. Visit the Learn English Quick Start Guide.