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Highline College Transcripts

A college transcript is a copy of your academic record.  It includes quarters attended, credit courses taken, grades received, honors awarded and credentials conferred.

  • Continuing Education classes are not included on an official transcript. Please contact Continuing Education at ce@highline.edu or (206) 592-3785.
  • GED records are at gedtestingservice.com. If you took your test in 2001 or before, go to gedverify.org.
  • Before you place your order, be sure your transcript is complete and accurate.   Resolve any pending matters (e.g. a grade change).  Otherwise, if you place an order and we process it before pending matters are resolved, you will need to place another order to have an accurate transcript.

Highline College Transcripts

Records prior to Winter 1976 are on microfiche; please allow 10 business days as we need to retrieve and build your record. If you can’t access part or all of your transcript, and attended in our early years, contact us at admissions@highline.edu. If your name has changed since you attended Highline, alert the receiving institution. For your transcript to reflect your current name, work with Registration & Records to update your student record updated BEFORE placing your transcript order.  If you change your name after your order has been filled, you will need to place and pay for a new order. 

You can use an Unofficial Transcript to check on your grades and monitor your student record. Unofficial Highline Transcripts are free and available online.
Official Highline Transcripts have the same information; the distinction is that Official Highline Transcripts are certified as accurate and official. They are regularly used for more official uses such as reporting information to another college, agency, employer or institution.

Official Highline Transcripts are available for $6.05. The National Student Clearinghouse collects the orders and payments (credit or debit cards are required). Transcripts are created and distributed by Highline College.

After Highline receives your order from the Clearinghouse, we will review your order within 5 business days and send it according to your directions as long as you do not have a debt to the college.  A debt, and resolving that debt, will delay processing. If you are a current student, check your record before you place your order. You can do so in your myHighline.  If you place an order and have a debt, we will notify you. We will release your transcript within 5 days of your notifying us you have resolved your debt.  Please note, if your student record includes coursework that was earned prior to 1976, we need up to 5 additional days for processing time to allow us to retrieve and build your record.  

Have a deadline? Send a link to our webpage to the agency or school in question along with the information about your order. This will show them that you have done all you can to meet the deadline and that it receiving your transcript any sooner is out of your control. If they have any questions, they can contact us and we can confirm our deadlines.  We do not have any way to expedite your order.

Want your transcript after grades are scheduled to post or after your degree posts? Indicate that in your order. Orders are filled within 5 business days of that action (grades or degree posting) occurring.

Grades Posting. We generate over 1,000 transcripts each quarter once grades are scheduled to post. We ask your patience, and support, during that time. Everyone who requests a transcript has an important reason whether it’s a licensing matter, compliance issue, admission application or employment offer. We cannot prioritize one person’s order over another.

Degree Posting.  If you request this option, please provide the quarter (and not the month/year) in which you plan to graduate (i.e. Put Spring 2016 if that is your last quarter; don’t put Summer 2016).  If you have not applied to graduate, submit an Application for Graduation. Without this application, your degree will not be reviewed (or posted).  If you have any questions, contact Registration & Records.

Hold for Pickup

You can pick it up at the Admissions/Information Desk in Building 6 (upper lobby).  If your transcript is for someone else, we strongly recommend that you do NOT open the envelope.  If you do, the receiving institution may no longer consider it official.  We will hold your transcript for 30 days. After that, you may need to place (and pay for) a new Transcript Order.  To have someone pick up your transcript on your behalf, you must email us from your myHighline account including identifying information (legal name, birth date) of your designee.   That person will have to have to present valid government-issued identification to confirm identity.

Mail (select mail if you are not picking it up)

We can send your print transcript ANYWHERE. We can send your transcript electronically only to certain locations.  

If you indicate one of the below recipients your transcript will be sent electronically through our internal state systems. Schools generally receive them in their Registration or Admissions office. If you need it sent to a specific person or place, indicate that in the directions.  If you do, we will send a print rather than electronic copy.

  • A Washington State Community or Technical College
  • Western Washington University, Central Washington University or Eastern Washington University
  • UW or WSU

For all other recipients, printed copies are prepared using official transcript paper and delivered in sealed envelopes.

Using the National Student Clearinghouse allows you to:

  • Provide your paperless consent
  • Upload attachments (PDF format) you need to accompany your transcript
  • Indicate if you want your transcript released with current information, after grades post or after your credential is awarded
  • Track the progress of your order
  • Receive alerts when your order has been filled

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, no. We are exploring options at this time so we are hoping to be able to do so in the future. We can only send them electronically to certain locations (see above).
You don’t need your SID, you can use your SSN.  However, you can use the SID retrieval tool.
A good solution is to purchase a prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card and then use the gift card to order your transcript.
We encourage you to notify the receiving institution of your name change and previous name. If needed, you can work with Registration & Records to provide documentation and update your student record at Highline. You must do so BEFORE placing your order. If you change your name after, you will need to place and pay for a new order.
If your instructor did not report your grade as scheduled, that is an institutional error and we will reissue your transcript. If your grade changes, and the initial grade was caused by an institutional error, we will reissue your transcript. If your grade change was not an institutional error, you will need to place (and pay for) a new Transcript Order.
Highline is working on but does not currently have a process or fee structure for immediate processing.
No problem! When you place your order, you can upload those and we will include it with your transcript. Please note, we ONLY accept attachments in this manner. Please do not mail them to us or drop them off to our front desk.
You can modify or cancel your order until we download your Transcript Order from the Clearinghouse. Once Highline has downloaded your order, you will have to contact us at admissions@highline.edu. If we receive your request in time and can, we will modify your order. Once we have processed your order you may need to place (and pay for) a new order.
  • Has your name changed since you attended Highline? If they know you by a different name you will need to let them know that name.
  • We have also found that institutions receive large volumes of mail and don’t always have the opportunity to upload the documents and to update the student record.  We have been told that some take two or three weeks for this to occur.  We encourage you to contact them directly if you have a concern or to confirm.
  • If your receiving institution confirms they have not received a Transcript Order we sent, and the address you provided was correct, we will send a replacement at no charge provided the request is made within 30 days of our initial send date.  You must make this request within 30 days to admissions@highline.edu. 
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