Apply for Admission

Pre-College Studies, Continuing Education and International Students enter Highline using a different process than the one outlined on this page. Follow these links.

If you have already been admitted to Highline, please do not apply again. See Returning Students. All other students, including transfer students, apply using the process on this page.

  • Interested in a program related to high school such as Running Start, High School Completion, Career Start, or Gateway to College? Follow the steps below. After you follow the steps below, you will also need to connect with and complete steps to be admitted into your desired program.
  • Do you have credit from other schools? If you are completing a credential at Highline College and have relevant credit from another school, have your transcript evaluated at Registration and Records.

Before you begin, choose a program of study. We also encourage you to explore options for paying for college.

Quick Tips for Applying Online

These are just a few tips to help clarify some of the online application questions.

Enter your mother’s maiden name and your birth date (not your mom’s). Remember to make note of your username and password in case you need to get back into it.

For those with mononyms, please put your name in the last name field and a hyphen (-) in the first name field.

The state online application system only allows 24 characters, including spaces, for your mailing address. You may need to abbreviate your address to fit in the space provided. Be sure to include your apartment number.

Your SSN/TIN is not required for admission, but it is required for financial aid and by most funding sources as well as the IRS. We strongly encourage you to consider including it.

We encourage you to select from what Highline offers as this helps us understand your plans and informs our general planning. View Online Catalog »
Read Question 3 carefully. It is not asking if you have or need financial aid. Only answer yes if your funding requires you to be a resident of another state (i.e., Alaska Permanent Fund).

No matter what your status in the U.S. is, you are welcome to attend Highline. Your status determines the tuition rates for which you are eligible. On this form, Immigrant/Permanent Resident means U.S. Permanent Resident (green card). Visitors and Temporary Residents, check and indicate Other and tell us your visa type.

View the step-by-step, field-by-field video on this page for more information. Contact us with any questions.

Watch the video for narrated step-by-step instructions for completing the online application.

How to Apply to Highline College

Download Application Video Transcript »

I read the quick tips. I’m ready to apply.