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Resident Tuition Rate

Residency-for-Tuition-Purposes-Highline-CollegeThe Admissions Department is the only department on campus authorized to advise you about resident tuition.  While you want you to have strong relationships and support from other departments, in this matter, we strongly advise you to work directly with us.

Not everyone is eligible for resident tuition. Highline is here to help you navigate and work within the rules and requirements set by the state of Washington.

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Tuition Rate Determinations

The information you provided on the Application for Admission determines the tuition rate for which you are eligible.

Response Corrections

In the myHighline activation code email, we let you know if you were not coded eligible for resident tuition. Students have a window of opportunity to correct errors they might have made. After that, a student may have to provide  proof of eligibility.  Email Admissions from your myHighline email account.  We can then help you determine your next steps and whether an appointment would be helpful.

Eligibility Changes

  • To change from non-resident to resident usually requires specific documentation. Contact Admissions from your Highline email account (include your SID).  We can help you determine your options, what paperwork might be required and if an appointment would be helpful.
  • To change from non-resident to non-resident with waiver, come to Admissions with your U.S. Permanent Resident card or proof of your U.S. citizenship or U.S. National status (original documents, please).
  • To change from resident to non-resident, notify Admissions from your Highline email account.

Conflicting Information

If information puts a student’s eligibility in question (for example, a student indicates to one department that they hold an F visa and to another they are a U.S. Citizen), the student’s coding may be set as “undetermined” until correct information can be confirmed. When this happens, we notify the student through the myHighline email account.

Be aware of tuition due dates and other deadlines as you consider the information below. For questions about how your classes or tuition might be impacted while you are in this process, refer to Registration and Records.

  • We encourage you to make an appointment with the Admissions Adviser for Residency.
  • You are welcome to drop off documentation without an appointment.  After we have reviewed them (allow 5 business days), we will be able to determine appropriate next steps and will contact you.
  • Our timeline for processing changes is 15 business days.
Note: Requests for changes must be complete by the 30th day of the quarter;we cannot make changes complete by the end of that business day to be considered.

There are two main paths for eligibility.  One option is to have completed high school in Washington, lived in Washington the 3 years immediately prior to completing high school and have remained in Washington. Those who completed high school through a diploma must have attended their full senior year in a Washington state high school.  These individuals have to be, or indicate an intention of becoming, a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident.

Otherwise, to be eligible for resident tuition, you (the student) must hold an eligible status. Students who are independent must establish “domicile” and maintain it for one year before they are eligible for resident tuition.  When a student is financially dependent, the domicile that “counts” is that of the students parent or legal guardian.  This means if you are financially dependent, you must have a parent/guardian who has established domicile in Washington, and maintained it for in year, to be eligible. The state of Washington considers only those who have NOT been claimed on someone’s taxes (this year or last year) and who have NOT received significant financial support from anyone other than a spouse (this year or last year) to be independent.  Everyone else is considered dependent.   You can only have domicile in one state.

Eligible students are U.S. Citizens, U.S. Permanent Residents, eligible visa holders (e.g. A, E, H, K, L, U)  or hold an eligible situation (e.g. DACA, TPS, refugee, asylee, EAD) who are financially:

  • Independent and has established domicile in the state of Washington and maintained it for at least one year.
  • Dependent and has a parent or guardian who has established domicile in the state of Washington and maintained it for at least one year

There are some additional, limited, specific avenues to be be eligible for the resident tuition rate:

  • Registered member of an eligible Native American tribe.
  • US military veteran, or the spouse, dependent or survivor of a US military veteran.
  • Active duty military member with orders to Washington or Washington National Guard (or the spouse or dependent of one of these).
  • Holder of an E, H, L visa who has lived here a year for reasons other than education
  • Someone who spent at least 75% of both their junior and senior years in a Washington state high school AND had a parent/legal guardian who was an eligible Washington resident for at least one year.
  • Student who has been continuously enrolled in a Washington college since 1982-83.

Until we know you and your situation, we cannot give you a definitive answer about your eligibility or a list of what you need to provide. Your next step should be to email admissions or make an appointment with us.  In the meantime, here are the most likely things we will need from you:

  1. Status in the US, you will likely need to provide proof of your eligible status (e.g. passport, I-94, I-797, US Permanent Resident card).
  2. Your lease or home ownership paperwork that shows where you have been living for the past 12 months (sometimes this is more than one address).  If you are not the person on the lease (or who owns the home), use an Address Verification form.  If you are dependent, it’s the home address of your parent or guardian we need to document.
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